XBall (4-6)


XBALL Nightly Agenda 2018


Each team will start at the same station each night and will rotate through all stations. 


Team 1 RED: Station 1                                    Team 2 BLUE: Station 2                                  Team 3 YELLOW: Station 3

Team 4 GREEN: Station 4                               Team 5 ORANGE: Station 5                           Team 6 PURPLE: Station 6


Warm Up:


  1. Sprint forward to second cone
    2. Shuffle step right to the next cone.
    3. Sprint backwards to the fourth cone.
  2. Shuffle to the right to the fifth cone
    5. Sprint forward to the finish point.
    6. Start drill again from finish area



  1. Sprint forward to second cone.
  2. Sprint backward on angle to third cone
  3. Sprint forward on angle to fourth cone
  4. Sprint straight back to finish area
  5. Start drill again from finish area




  1. Shuffle both feet in and out of cones (make sure feet do not go over cones)



Each station will be about 8 minutes only.  After 8 minutes it is time to move to the next station in the rotation.  I.e. if at station 6 move to station 7. An Airhorn will blow, finish current rotation and move on even if all kids haven’t completed it.  At the next station start with those kids that didn’t get to do it


  1. Throwing: towels, TVB balls (soft baseballs), 4 hula hoops
    1. Lie Down Drill
    2. Towel Drill Power Position
    3. Throwing to Target (Hula Hoops) - Step and Throw
  2. Groundballs: TVB balls (soft baseballs)
    1. Kneeling Barehand
    2. Standing Glove On
    3. Field and Throw - Glove On
  3. Receiving: tennis balls, Bean Bags (start with bean bags then progress to tennis balls)
    1. Underhand Toss to Partner 2 Hand Receiving
    2. Underhand Toss to Partner 1 Hand Receivingigh HHH
    3. Lie Down Toss in air and catch
    4. High Toss to Self, catch above head
  4. Hitting off Tees: 2 tees, whiffle balls, foam bats
    1. Coach gives balls to batters to hit, finish container then switch to new batters
    2. Rest field and toss balls to centre of ‘field’
  5. Hitting Front toss: basket of whiffle balls, ‘flintstone’ bats, 2 plates
    1. 2 Players Hitting (they go to field after all balls hit)
    2. 2 Players Catching (they become hitters next)
    3. Rest of Players Fielding (2 go to catching position
    4. Fielders toss to centre of ‘field’
  6. Hitting Racket BP: tennis balls 2 tennis rackets 2 plates
    1. Same as Front Toss station but with Tennis rackets
    2. Thrower stands more on an angle for this station
  7. Hitting Side Toss: 2 Flintstone bats, basket of whiffles, 2 plates
    1. 2 Hitters, 2 catchers, rest are fielders
    2. 1 tosser/ hitter Alternate batting
    3. Finish whiffles, batters go to fielder, catchers go to batting and 2 fielders go to catching



After the children have rotated through all stations they will play a game against another team.  Please play against different teams each night. 


Equipment: blastbat, blastball, tee, 1 base 1 cone for other ‘baseline’.

Only 1st base is used for the game.  (about 45 feet away from home) Have a parent stand 2 feet behind base to give high fives as the children run through the base (this teaches them not to stop before the base)

Each team takes a turn at bat.  All children bat off the tee.

Defensive team rotate fielding positions so all children should have a chance to field the ball.  Give the children their areas to ‘field’ so they don’t dog pile each other but learn to work together as a team.

When defence gets ball, either by catching in the air or ground balls. The defence team all yell BLAST. The child that stopped the ball will then throw the ball back to the coach in the field who will then throw it to the coach at bat (setting up the tee).

When offence passes base the offensive team yells BALL!  The batter then returns to their team to cheer their players on.

If you want, you can keep score by who yells first gets a point but you don’t have to.

Once all players on the team bat switch sides and continue the inning.  This game teaches hitting, running, catching & fielding.



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